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  Internet Driver's Education

America Driving School and AmericaDrivingSchoolonline.com

introduce the newest and convenient Driver's Education method accessible from your own personal computer and available 24 hours a day from anywhere
Convenient, Easy...
and at your Own Pace!

All you need is a Personal Computer (Desktop or Laptop) connected to the Internet to access this
online course approved by the Driving Schools Association of California (SDAC) and the California's
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Really easy! Connect, click and you will be in
a self-paced, DSAC/DMV approved Driver's Education On-Line course. It follows the DMV's required
curriculum for students getting a permit.It has different lessons useful to help students become safe drivers.
This inexpensive but extensive course is filled with visual learning aides such as on-line movies and actual photographs.

Even after your student completes the course
Americadrivingschoolonline.com allows you him/her to review the
course and take practice permit tests. Our fee of $325 includes internet Drivers Education OnLine and three behind the wheel sessions. You have two options if you go online directly please note at the time you register you will need a credit card for $59.00. When you complete your course you must come to our Oxnard office located at 3711 S. Saviers Rd Ste I (on the corner of Yucca & Saviers) to obtain your completion of online driver's education certificate (DL400C) and at that time you will pay your balance of $266.00. If you call the office directly you will pay $325.00 and we will issue you a password and a username. When you complete your course you must come to the office to pick up your completion of online driver's ed certificate (DL400C).


Click below to link to DMV web page

Things you need when you go take your permit test

  • You must be 15 1/2 years of age.
  • A certificate of completion of Drivers Education (DL400B)
  • Or A certificate of online Drivers Education(DL400C)
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate or a passport or CA identification card.
  • Your social security card or number
  • An application (DL44) signed by parent/gardian. If both parents have joint custody both must sign.
  • A $31.00 fee for the DMV

Please call us to schedule your first driving session as soon as you get your permit. Your permit is not valid until you are finished with your first driving session with a driving instructor.

Thanks again for choosing our driving school.





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